Designed to suppress adversary’s antisubmarine sonar and torpedo homing systems, mislead enemy antisubmarine forces and divert homing torpedoes in any area of the World Ocean.

The system comprises an electronic/acoustic section, two-mode electric propulsion system, and electric power pack (dry-charged battery with electrolyte kept separately). The system can be used to saturate enemy acoustic systems or replicate ship’s signature.

When the system operates to saturate enemy acoustic systems, it emits powerful sonar noise signals. When it operates as a ship’s signature replicator, it performs a programmed maneuver and simulates a submarine trying to evade antisubmarine forces and weapons.

The system can be launched from torpedo tubes of Russian-made submarines, Projects 641, 877 and 636.

The running depth, speed, acoustic operating mode and maneuver program are entered mechanically (via a spindle). There are drill and practice configurations of the system used for training naval personnel at bases and aboard submarines.

The system is easy to operate.

Basic Characteristics:

Caliber, mm
Length, mm
Operating depth, m
20 to 250
Speed, knots
16 and 22