Month: July 2021


Intended for live firings by air defense units and testing of air defense missile (artillery) systems.

The training target system ensures:
– simulation of flight of manned and pilotless air attack assets, including precision-guided ones, at low and medium altitudes (up to 5 km) in radar and infrared wavebands;
– ejection of heat and passive radar decoys in compliance with a preset program;
– flight of an air target simulator within a wide range of trajectories, including straight flight, dive and pullup, as well as a ballistic trajectory;
– complete safety of operation of the air target simulator on the ground and in flight.

The training target system comprises:
– 2P25 self-propelled launcher of the Kvadrat (Kub) air defense missile system;
– 3M20M3 air target simulator;
– standard ground support equipment of the Kvadrat air defense missile system.
The 3M20M3 air target simulator is based on the type 3M9 SAM with expired terms of serviceability, faulty homing heads and radio fuzes, whose repair is hampered or not expedient.

 Basic Characteristics
Length, mm
Wing span, mm
Weight, kg
Service life, h
2 – 10
Flight range, km
up to 24
Flight altitude, km
0.5 – 6
Flight speed, m/s
200 – 600
Flight time, s
up to 70
G-load during maneuvers
up to 8
ERA (depending on complement), m2:
with metal fairing
0.1 – 0.3
with radiotransparent fairing
with Luneberg lens
3 – 5
Infrared radiation simulation means
T-60 tracking flare
Level of heat radiation
in infrared band of 3 – 5 μ, W/sr:
head-on course
3 – 100
pursuit course
100 – 300
Number of:
heat decoys
decoy firings

2 (in train or in salvo of two)

flight programs
Flight control method
Elimination method